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Remote Home Security

Remote Home Control & Energy Management

Customize your remote home security system and reduce energy bills.



With Guardian's easy-to-use online command center and an intuitive interface, you can make changes to your home's security, lights, locks and thermostat easily from your internet-connected computer or mobile phone. 

Using MyGuardianHome.com, you can easily:

  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • Lock and unlock individual points of entry
  • Monitor and adjust lighting and thermostat schedules
  • Manage user codes and access
  • Prepare arming reminders
  • Customize notifications
  • Check event history

The average American is away from their home 9.5 hours a day.¹ Since many people leave the lights on to deter burglary, that makes for a lot of wasted money. In fact, 60% of energy used in the home is lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling.²

Take back control of your home (and your energy bill) with our emPower™ remote management technology.

emPower™ Thermostats

Ever wonder if you left the AC on while you're at work? Or forgot to turn the heat on for your pet? View, change and control your home's temperature settings remotely. Gain control over your energy costs and create energy-efficient schedules online. Receive notifications for high or low temperatures and manage up to five separate thermostats.

emPower™ Lights   

Regulate your home's electricity consumption from anywhere. Toggle lights on/off remotely and control dimming. Create schedules to have the lights on when you come home or when you're away. Partnered with your security system, emPower™ Lights also allow you to customize event-triggered light automation. For example, you can program your lights to turn on when you open a door during an alarm, adding yet another dimension to your security system.

emPower™ Locks

Manage individual doors using your internet-connected smartphone or computer. Go online to manage access codes, monitor lock status and user history, and receive lock event notifications. Combined with your security system keypad, this enhancement offers the ultimate in home control, from anywhere with your internet-connected device.

¹Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census
²Energy Start website - calculation of energy use