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Security Cameras

Video and Still Shot Cameras - Security That Meets All Needs



Our security cameras are available in four different models, including three different video camera options and a motion-sensing, still shot camera. Whatever your security camera needs are, Guardian provides several customized options for you and your home.  When your cameras are set up to work in conjunction with your home security system, you can receive images of video or still shots via email or text message. Additionally, a dedicated wireless router is provided at no extra charge to protect the integrity of image transmission. Watch video on Video Surveillance.

Pan-and-Tilt Wireless Cameras

These versatile cameras install easily and give you a sweeping view of targeted areas in your home or outside. Keep an eye on the baby in the playpen in the corner and pan over to the toddler at the toy box while you make dinner in the kitchen. Position on a shelf, table or counter top for easy relocation or mount permanently on a wall. Pan-and-tilt wireless cameras can also be controlled from your internet-connected smartphone or computer.

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Standard Wireless Cameras

Enjoy the portability of our simple-install standard wireless cameras. Focus on one key location such as the front door, the nursery or an area immediately outside a window. Make sure the kids get home from school on time, monitor safes or liquor cabinets, or make sure the landscapers started work on time.

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Infrared Outdoor Cameras

Infrared outdoor cameras give you the ability to keep an eye on the kids in the pool or see who's standing outside your front door, day or night. Weather-resistant, they can be hard-wired and mounted almost anywhere on the exterior of your home. You can also use your internet-connected smartphone or computer to get a view of things while you're inside or miles away.

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Motion Sensing Still Shot Security Cameras

Seeing is believing - get a peek-in on what happens in your home when you're not there. Once a motion is detected, you can set up your Image Sensor to take a snapshot of what exactly set off the detector. Don't worry about Fido - the Image Sensor won't pick up every move your pet makes unless you want it to.  The camera offers pet immunity for up to 40 lbs! All images captured can be sent directly to your personal gallery on MyGuardianHome.

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