Case Study: Improving Building Security for Financial Institution

Reducing False Alarms - a 17-state, 415-site conversion in less than four months


With 19 separate alarm vendors in 17 states, a financial lending institution was unable to properly manage alarm protocols and procedures - a serious vulnerability for a business with large amounts of cash onsite. This lack of uniformity also prevented the company from identifying problem sites and putting a cap on monthly monitoring and service charges.The lender needed a new security vendor that could move quickly and efficiently, as it hoped to complete a companywide conversion in a narrowly defined period of time.


"It didn't take long for Guardian's technicians to discover the cause of the false alarms. The company's previous vendor had used substandard equipment and faulty wiring.


A 17-state, 415-site conversion in less than four months? We can do that. In order to meet the financial lending institution's goals and deadline, we set the following plan in motion:

  • Standardization of all alarm equipment
  • Institution of consistent, companywide alarm protocols
  • Establishment of weekly service reporting to identify sites causing false alarms through user error
  • Improvement of response time for all service requests through Guardian's one-call resolution customer service


The numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to their new protocols, standardized reporting and security systems, the lender has experienced a 25% decrease in false alarms and monitoring cost savings of over $30,000.

Overall, working with Guardian has given them better control and efficiency as a company. They no longer have to worry about inconsistencies, since new employees in one state can be trained in the same way as those in every other - a boon any multi-location business can appreciate.

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