Case Study: Preventing Inventory Theft Saves Food Company Money

Integrating Ultra Flexible Access Control and Tracking Down an Inventory Thief


A global food company was looking to move its 800-person headquarters. The building's current security system would not be enough to accommodate the level of flexibility and customized protection options desired by the company.

Specifically, the client wanted their security system to be separate from the rest of the building, with configuration and management abilities for its own security staff, but with enough flexibility to provide some access and monitoring capabilities for the building's security team as well. The food company also wanted robust surveillance capabilities, the ability to create different levels of access, and an efficient working relationship with the building's own staff and system.


First Guardian researched and found a flexible system with the ability to work with virtually any type of sensor or reader. From there, we reconfigured the building's security by utilizing the new system's open architecture. This let us establish various customizations, such as the ability for the company's security staff to create access control cards and assign them restrictions to certain parts of the building.

Similarly, the system's host-independent architecture made it possible for us to build a system that functions even if the host reboots or fails, so maintenance or repairs can be performed without downtime. Best of all, the food company's employees can still access their workspace, and unauthorized personnel will still be refused entry - even if the network or host go down.


The system scored its first big hit after being used to check video images against logs of entries and exits to track down an inventory thief. What's more, since it also monitors critical building functions, the system detected a power outage in the company's walk-in freezers, saving thousands of dollars worth of food destined for the top-secret test kitchen.

As a result of this project, the global food company and Guardian have established a long relationship. Most recently, we upgraded all of the video surveillance in their headquarters from analog to IP cameras and installed a more powerful video management software tool called Exaq Vision.

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