Case Study: Preventing False Alarms for a Multi-State Restaurant Franchise

Helping Locations Focus on Profits and Good Management Instead of False Alarms


Let down by local vendors unable to meet the demand of a complex account, a multi-state restaurant franchise was in the market for a new security partner. Their new provider would have to install new panic alarms in many locations and get to the root of a disruptive false alarm problem. Because of its recent frustrations, the restaurant franchise wanted to work with a company committed above all to low-maintenance systems and high-quality customer service.


"It didn't take long for Guardian's technicians to discover the cause of the false alarms. The company's previous vendor had used substandard equipment and faulty wiring.


After careful inspection of the equipment, Guardian determined that the correct solution to reduce false alarms would be to provide improved wiring along with the installation of the appropriate environmentally-rated freezer panics for each application. In addition, we worked to:

  • Convert all stores to standardized head end alarm equipment, new wiring, and environmentally-rated panic and freezer-panics
  • Install and train employees on our user-friendly online management tool, Genieâ„¢, allowing management to review and measure their own alarm activity
  • Fix the company's monthly maintenance cost to significantly reduce the expenses they'd gotten used to with their old vendor


Fewer false alarms have meant fewer disruptions to business. And the company couldn't be happier with the results from its new, high-quality security system and fixed maintenance fees, including a 30% drop in false alarms and annual savings of over $10,000.

Some benefits are less quantifiable, but no less important. For example, the company enjoys the independence EdgePro™ has given them, citing the ability to oversee many locations at once and react to problems and exception reporting in real-time. And should a problem arise, the multi-state restaurant franchise is happy to have one-call resolution customer service, a 24/7 service Guardian makes standard for all its clients.

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