Case Study: Integrated Security Improves Nuclear Research Safety

An Integrated Security Solution for a Large Texas University


A large university in Texas has one of the most powerful nuclear research facilities in the country, boasting a large irradiation cell, a thermal column, and a pulsing, one-megawatt TRIGA swimming pool reactor, as well as a litany of other technologies that are best kept behind locked doors.

After adding this new equipment, the university decided that their traditional security system would need to be upgraded to one befitting of a nuclear lab. The new system would still need to accommodate the coming and going of students, faculty and personnel, while restricting access to certain facilities. Given the inherent risks of a nuclear facility, it would also have to monitor for fire and medical emergency.


Guardian first worked to build the university an integrated solution that included Access Control, CCTV, and Intrusion Monitoring. Since keycards and fobs can be lost, stolen or shared, we recommended biometric readers. Available in myriad forms - iris scans, fingerprints, voice recognition and signature verification - biometrics provide top-level security, especially when combined with another verification method. In this case, PIN numbers were used.

In addition, Guardian installed IP cameras connected to a network to record alarm events. We also built a command center in the campus police department so officers could get a visual of what was happening in real-time.


The university has been very pleased with all of its security updates. The live look-in access provided by the video cameras has greatly aided the campus police department by providing instant event information, and the biometric access control has succeeded in locking down the school's nuclear facilities.

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