Case Study: Preventing Breakins at Retail Stores

Saving Greatly on Monitoring Fees While Improving Security Systems Reporting


A leading manufacturer and distributor of paints and coatings was experiencing a high volume of break-ins at their retail locations. Sometimes this resulted in theft, but in others it appeared to be a false alarm. Unfortunately, the insufficient information provided by their alarm vendor made it nearly impossible to determine the cause of the activations.


Better locks and higher walls are only one dimension of security. We knew the first step in solving the company's break-in problem was to provide their Loss Prevention Department with better monitoring tools.

  • Installation of alarm equipment in all locations
  • Institution of consistent arming/disarming practices at each store
  • Daily report of all store openings and closings sent to corporate personnel to review against time sheets
  • Detailed online reporting tool to give immediate access of all alarm activity


As a result of these installations, the company was able to reevaluate its vulnerabilities and make significant changes. Incidents went down by 35%, reducing costs. The opening and closing reports have helped the Loss Prevention Department revise procedures and increase security at high-risk times. And a welcome side effect of this additional protection has been increased retail customer satisfaction.

On top of it all, the company was able to save approximately $13,000 annually in monitoring fees by switching to Guardian.

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