Guardian indoor pan-and-tilt camera

Indoor Pan-and-Tilt Security Camera

Our professionally installed pan-and-tilt camera offers 350-degree rotation to give you sweeping, panoramic views of areas inside your home. Use it to get a live view of your home anytime, anywhere from your web-connected smartphone, tablet or computer. Recorded videos captured by your indoor pan-and-tilt camera are automatically stored on your online account.

Control camera angles

An indoor pan-and-tilt security camera offers more control than any standard indoor camera. Simply log in to your online account or the Guardian app to remotely control the camera angle - left to right, top to bottom and vice versa - to achieve your desired view. This camera makes remote video surveillance so easy!

Perfect for large, open rooms

An indoor pan-and-tilt security camera captures images in full-color with HD720P resolution in daytime. If you want greater coverage for full room visibility, then this camera is right for you. It's a great choice for open floor plans and very large rooms.

Security Camera Tip!

Program this camera to automatically record a video clip when a door opens or if your alarm goes off. Plus, instantly receive text or email notification when a new video clip has been recorded, so that you can be aware of the event right away. While Guardian will monitor your home security system, security cameras are a home automation feature and alert only you and not our 24-hour monitoring center.

Alerts you via event-driven text or email notifications.

Operates on digital cellular transmission technology.

Allows for remote control from your web-connected smartphone, tablet or PC individually and/or as part of your security system.

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