monitored photoelectric smoke detector

Monitored Smoke Detector

Equipped with photoelectric technology, a Guardian smoke detector is particularly effective for identifying abnormal levels of smoke within range of the smoke detector such as that generated by small smoldering fires before they get out of control.

Around-the-clock monitoring

Smoke detectors installed by Guardian are monitored 24/7. In the event of a fire, we will notify the fire department whether your system is armed or not, whether you are sound asleep or away from home - a benefit that a non-monitored fire alarm system lacks.

monitored photoelectric smoke detector

Placing smoke detector in the house

Smoke detectors are normally placed on every level of the home, each bedroom and in common areas. We recommend a minimum of at least two smoke detectors in every home.

Audio smoke alarm detector

Do you already have smoke detector installed? No worries. Monitoring can still be possible. Designed to complement already-installed 110 volt smoke detectors, an audio smoke alarm detector detects your existing smoke alarm sounds and sends a signal to Guardian monitoring center.

smoke detector alert notification

Instantly receive a notification when your smoke detector has been activated, so that you can be aware of the event right away.

Alerts you via event-driven text or email notifications.

Can operate on a hardwired or wireless digital cellular transmission technology.

Sends emergency signals to Guardian's 24-hour monitoring center.

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